Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church -UK (ICAB-UK)

          Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 



Built upon Traditional Faith.

Restoration of many or all of the customs, traditions, liturgical forms, public and private devotions and presentations of the teaching of the Catholic
Church Pre - Vatican II.  "I am convinced that the crisis in the Church that we are experiencing today is to a large extent due to the disintegration of the liturgy"
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

The priests cassock is the flag of the Church of our Christ: for this reason we must try hard to honour it, we who wear it, with a holy life, so that those who dont wear it will honour and respect it.

Blessed Elder Amphilokhios of Patmos (1889-1970)

..the Novus Ordo Mass deviates most seriously from the theology of the Catholic Mass. Our observations touch upon deviations which are typical. To prepare a complete study of all the pitfalls, dangers and psychologically and spiritually destructive elements the new rite contains, whether in texts, rubrics or instructions, would be a vast undertaking”.

Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani. Cardinal, Secretary of the Congregation of the Holy Office.


His Holiness, Pope St. Pius V in response to the Council of Trent’s dogmatic definitions wrote his Papal Bull, Quo Primum.  This bull clearly states that the Roman Rite and those rites greater than 200 years old, cannot be changed and that any priest cannot be forced to say any other rite.  All Popes after this time up to and including Pope John XXIII interpreted Quo Primum as binding on them.

His Holiness, Pope Innocent III said that if any future Pope tries to change the sacraments, he must not be followed.


At Council of Florence His Holiness, Pope Eugene IV had as his theologian Cardinal Torquemada, he wrote a book titled “Summa Ecclesia”, which says that if a Pope tries to change the sacraments he puts himself outside the Church. 

Latin Chant: I. Abbey Bells and Introit - Spiritus Domini
The Choir of Prinknash Abbey (Music from Prinknash Abbey : Latin Plainchant and English Chant)