Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church -UK (ICAB-UK)

          Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 

His Eminence, Archbishop of Stoke-on-Trent.

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Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake was first ordained in minor and major orders as a priest in London, England.
He was consecrated as Diocesan Bishop of Cambridge, England by His Holiness with an Apostolic Mandate.
The  Apostolic Mandate was issued (for legitimacy) followed by a patriarch Decree Consecration document and was consecrated in June as a Diocesan Bishop.
He was elevated as Archbishop and appointed to rank as a Brazilian Catholic Church Cardinal to head the Catholic Church of England & Wales known as CCEW founded by His Holiness.
In late 2006 Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake was appointed by His Holiness as Secretary of Doctrine & Faith of the Patriarchate advising His Holiness on many important matters. He was later elevated as the first Cardinal impectora for the Catholic Church by His Holiness for which the decrees are a matter of public record in Brazil.
His Eminence, would be often in residence at the Patriarchal Palace of His Holiness Patriarch Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, Patriarch of Brazil were his office as Secretary of Doctrine & Faith
The legacy left behind by His Holiness who was sanctified as Saint Dom Luis I on the 4th June 2017 lives on today through this vibrant Catholic Church through its College of Bishops as modern day Apostles of Christ.
(Photo above is Deacon James. Reverend Mr.)
James Atkinson-Wake was born as a Irish Citizen. He began in the Catholic Church in Minor Orders from 1990 as Door Keeper working his way through the ranks of the Catholic Church. He was ordained a Deacon and later Priest in London, England after  7 years of study in Theology.
He was consecrated by His Holiness the Patriarch of Brazil AS A DIOCESAN CATHOLIC BISHOP  AND LATER ELEVATED TO HIS CURRENT POSITION.
The photo to the right is Academia de Letras Machado de Assis an honororay award from Professor. Roberto dos Santos Professor of Theology from the Catholic University.


(Photo above is Reverend Father James "Priest" )

Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake's vocation first began as a former qualified mental health NHS nurse. After qualifying as a Nurse, he left the NHS and began to concentrate on studying civil law before switching to Canon & Ecclesiastical law for which interested him more deeply..

Archbishop Atkinson-Wake received a Juris Prudence Doctor (JD) and later a Professorship of LL.D. Legum Doctor LL.D (Doctor of Laws in English). It is a doctorate-level academic degree in law. The double L indicating the plural, Doctor of both to teach both Canon Law and Civil Law.


Photo above is a picture of Diocesan Bishop James Atkinson-Wake receiving the Mitre from His Holiness in the Cathedral of Miraculous Medal in Brasilia Distro Federal. Brazil.

Monsignor Canon James Atkinson-Wake was elevated as Primate & Archbishop by His Holiness as well as the Secretary of Doctrine & Faith of the Brazilian Patriarchate. His Holiness later elevated him as Cardinal of the United Kingdom for the Catholic Church of England & Wales.

Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake and Bishop Brian Dineley have both co-celebrated Mass at St Peters Basilica “Vatican City” with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, His Eminence Cardinal Bertone, Cardinal Diswiz as above (see letter from Prefettura Della Casa Pontifica )> Letter from PREFETTURA DELLA CASA PONTIFICA & ENVELOPE and many Roman Catholic Bishops including many Orthodox priests and bishops in their respective Cathedrals / Churches in their respective countries.

Many of our fellow bishops in their respective countries also have done so as well. Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake is a qualified lawyer in Canon & Ecclesiastical Law.

Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake holds the following a BA, MA (Theology). D.Phil. JD and LLD in law not forgetting a ‘Honorius causa’ Professorship from Pius X University. 

He has been a priest since 1991 and worked his way through the Catholic Church ranks from minor orders. He mainly trained in London and has worked throughout various countries befitting to his appointed vocation and or religious roles. Archbishop Atkinson-Wake is educated in both Ecclesiastical and Canon Law and is one of the many leading experts on the subjects within England and Wales were such has been his expertise best used in the Senior Courts of the Judiciary of England & Wales.
Picture above is Archbishop Atkinson-Wake with Bishop Philip James French at the sanctification Mass of Saint Dom. Luis I on the 4th June 2017 with fellow Archbishops and bishops from other parts of the world.
Below is Photographs of Archbishop Atkinson-Wake and Bishop Brian Dineley at St Peters Basilica, Rome co-celebrating Mass. All bishops have their own personal coat of arms. Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake coat of arms and explanation of the contents can be seen by clicking on this link Archbishop James Atkinson-Wakes Coat of Arms and meaning. Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake also with a fellow bishops consecrated as a catholic bishop and elevated the Most Reverend Dr John Carroll as the Lord Archbishop of Swansea. Archbishop Dr John Carroll has assisted Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake on many important meetings at the Vatican and overseas.  .

Most Reverend Dr. John Carroll has also had the privilege of an audience with then His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI who was then the Patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II in 2011. See Lord Archbishop Dr John Carroll being introduced to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. Most Reverend Dr John Carroll is the 2nd bishop of the church to meet the Roman Catholic Church Patriarch / Pontiff when CCEW  was holding talks with various dicastery's of the Holy See with an insight of returning in full union.


It was years later decided by the college of bishops representing the faithful in that they felt that they needed more time before making any large decisions in full union and decided to remain in part union with the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II, for which they are united by one common bond being that of an unbroken line apostolic succession as defined and or outlined in DOMINUS IESUS AUGUST 2000 PARAGRAPH 17.By His Holiness Pope John Paul II and then His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Papal blessing from HH Pope Benedict XVI.

Dom is the title given to Bishops within Brazil.


Their has been some 5 bishops from the CCEW  throughout who all have at one time or another co celebrated Mass at St Peters Basilica with our fellow Roman Catholic Bishops upon invitation during our private talks. Including celebrating in conclave at the beatification Mass of St John Paul II.

Archbishop Atkinson-Wake at St Peters Basilica, ROME.


We work along side our brethren from around the world for peace, love and unity in that the work of our Lord taught us.

CCEW uses the ancient Rite and Rubrics of the Latin Mass as granted as the Church sees fit that this Mass is the mass of our forefathers and their forefathers before them.

The Beatification Mass of St John Paul II.  CCEW Bishops invited to co-celebrate Mass. 
Above is Archbishop Atkinson-Wake, Bishop Boughey and Archbishop Carroll who all was invited and attended the Beatification of Pope John Paul II at St Peters Basilica, Rome.

The photographs of Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake meeting His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI then Pope of Rome was taken by Roman Catholic Church Vatican Two official photographer and supplied to Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake a few days after the event. .

Archbishop Atkinson-Wake spoke with the Holy Father for approx. 10 Minutes on brief matters for which interested the TV stations to wonder what was being said as both Archbishop Atkinson-Wake and the Holy Father was laughing while the Holy Father held Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes hand throughout to steady his nerves. 

**Lets not forget that Roman Catholic Diocesan Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa was consecrated by Principal consecrator Roman Catholic Cardinal Sebastao Leme da Silveira Cintra assisted by Bishop Alberto Jose Goncalves & Bishop Benedito Paulo Alves de Souza.

CCEW, Vatican I bishops of the Roman Catholic Church are not only heralds, but custodians of the most ancient and powerful continuous spiritual lineage that still exists in Apostolic Succession from Vatican One. DOMINUS IESUS AUGUST 2000 APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION They are present in various countries they have thriving Cathedrals, Churches, University’s, Schools and Seminary’s. 
Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake was the first ever non-Brazilian Catholic Bishop of the Church to be appointed such a senior position within the Brazilian Catholic Church Patriarchate. The churches Superior General / President being  Archbishop Atkinson-Wake is the first ever and only non Brazilian Archbishop and he was appointed a seat on the Brazilian Catholic Church Counsel and appointed for 4 years running by His Holiness as the Secretary of Doctrine of Faith to the Patriarchate answerable directly to His Holiness on all important matters.  He was personally raised to the rank by his Holiness. Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake assisted His Holiness in opening new Churches and Cathedrals throughout.
Ruling on difficult decisions within various countries over matters. .
 His Holiness,  was consecrated sacred
Catholic Bishop by Archbishop Dom .Carlos Duarte Costa  Roman Catholic Vatican One Bishop of Botucatu, later appointed by His Holiness Pope Pius XI after his resignation as Titular Bishop of Maurea. In 1945 he was the Archbishop of Rio de Janerio.

There can never be any challenge to Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes apostolic line (succession) .

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Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake has been leading the Church for the past several years with the guidance of his Episcopal College of Bishop’s  totalling 49 Most Illustrious Lords throughout various countries.

CCEW are Catholics with Bishops holding unbroken Catholic Apostolic Succession from Vatican One.

Lets not forget that was also another bishop that was accepted as a valid bishop after being consecrated by Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa, this was Bishop Arce Moya. He too returned to the Roman Catholic Church as a valid Catholic Bishop, Therefore, as His Holiness was consecrated by former Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa and his co consecrator was Bishop Salamo Ferraz and also Bishop Antidio Jose Vargas another bishop consecrated by Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa, there can be no challenge to the apostolic lineage. It is a clear pure unbroken lineage of apostolic succession. One of the most purest lines within the religious world.  

There can never be any challenge to Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes apostolic line (succession). He has and does rest upon his principal consecrator and co consecrators lineage for which consists of at least one Bishop which was a Roman Catholic Bishop validly consecrated being Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa consecrated and the co consecrator of his principal consecrator was accepted by the Roman Church as valid, this being Bishop Salamao Ferraz who was accepted by Pope John XXIII and was given the title as Bishop of Eleunthrna.
Knights Templar order is under a Roman Catholic Vatican II Cardinal, Patron & first Grand Prior and noble Knight Grand Cross which was His Eminence Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler. S.D.B, O.T.H. who passed away in 2007. His successor  is His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze Kiun. S.D.B, O.T.H.
Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake was made a Knight Commander of the Order under the Vatican supervised and on looked by the Apostolic Nuncio to Italy.
CCEW have written records from various Roman dicasterys confirming that the CCEW bishops are valid and illicit in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II but simply valid in various other established Christian Churches. Furthermore, Roman Catholic Canon law of 1917 and 1983 does not apply to him or any of his fellow bishops from there on that he would consecrate.
In addition CCEW uses the old liturgical books in Latin for the transmission of Holy Orders.

CCEW uses the Roman Pontifical Pre Vatican II. The solemn celebration of the consecration to the episcopate of the Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake was photographed vigorously, recorded by camcorder and placed direct on to DVD for history records.  

The consecration rite and rubrics used was clearly the Roman Catholic Pontifical Pre Vatican II. There was particular attention paid throughout the ceremony which took place within the solemn celebration of Mass. Their were three bishops present at the consecration of Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake to fall in line with the Ancient Apostolic Canon One. Reverend Father Gregory Hesse. STD. JCD. Canon Lawyer, Doctor of Thomistic Theology & former Secretary to His Eminence, Cardinal Stickler has spoken in public on the points of valid sacraments and Holy Orders. Fr Hesse has stated the following:

1. Whether the person has received the order of deacon and or priest prior to or not if he has been consecrated  a Catholic bishop the higher order always include the lower. So if the catholic bishop consecrating the new catholic bishop is a catholic bishop then he is transmitting what he intends that is to consecrate a Catholic Bishop. No matter what language is used so long as the catholic bishop pronounces the words required.

2. As long as the catholic bishop uses the catholic books / Rites he will consecrate validly, Old or new books it makes no difference. By these following words in his open speech there is no question that the CCEW are all valid Catholic Bishops. (The photograph is Archbishop Bell & Archbishop Carroll with one of the Vatican Curia Secretary's at the Curial Office, Vatican City. Rome.) 

Fr G Hesse, STD. JCD. Canon Lawyer, Speech on Sacramental Validity including Holy Orders.

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