Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church -UK (ICAB-UK)

          Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 


Most Reverend Dom. John Carroll is the Archbishop of Swansea, Wales and Metropolitan. He was elevated as Cardinal Deacon.
(Photo is Archbishop John Carroll meeting His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at St Peters Square Rome)
Archbishop Dom. John Carroll has travelled extensively with Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake visiting many countries and visiting representatives of Orthodox churches including attending talks with the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II then under His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI including heads of State of Foreign Countries.
Archbishop John Carroll has been a priest for 30 years and has been with the Catholic Church in its early infancy to were it has grown to a strong large vibrant Traditional Church in many countries.
Most Reverend Dom. John Carroll was consecrated Diocesan Bishop of Swansea by Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake assisted by co-consecrators Right Reverend Dr. Brian Dineley, H.E. Bishop of Strathclyde and H.E. Right Rev'd Michael Boughey, Auxiliary Bishop of Cheshire. Archbishop M Lee. Archbishop of Derby. He was installed as the Archbishop of Swansea Metropolitan holding Apostolic Succession from Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake, Vatican I pure apostolic succession.

Knights Templar order is under a Roman Catholic Vatican II Cardinal, Patron & first Grand Prior and noble Knight Grand Cross which was His Eminence Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler. S.D.B, O.T.H. who passed away in 2007.
His successor  is His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze Kiun. S.D.B, O.T.H.
Most Reverend Dom. John Carroll, Archbishop of Swansea, Wales was made a Knight Officer of the Order with approval of the Vatican and on looked and supervised by the Apostolic Nuncio to Italy.
The Roman Catholic Church Vatican II made a statement to the Catholic Herald a conservative Newspaper and confirmed that the Holy Episcopal Orders of Archbishop Carroll and his principal consecrator is Valid but illicit in the eyes of the Vatican II Church.
Most Reverend Dom. John Carroll on the 4th June 2017 at the Cathedral was elevated as Cardinal Deacon of Wales. Archbishop of Swansea.
Most Reverend Dom. John Carroll travelled to the Patriarchal Cathedral in Brasilia  DF of His Holiness in late October 2009. The photograph to the right is Abp Atkinson-Wake. Patriarch Mendez, Abp Caroll and Bp Dineley.
It was a perfect opportunity for His Excellency to meet the 4th Catholic Bishop consecrated in May 1948 by the Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa who originally founded the Catholic Church of England & Wales.
It was a great joyous occasion to spend so much time with His Holiness and the Patriarchal staff.
Also His Excellency travelled to Rio de Janerio at the invitation of the new president of the Episcopal Counsel and co-celebrate Mass with H.E. Bishop Josivaldo.
Latin Chant: V. Hymn - Veni Creator Spiritus
The Choir of Prinknash Abbey (Music from Prinknash Abbey : Latin Plainchant and English Chant)