Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church -UK (ICAB-UK)

          Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 

This website that you have entered will go in to great detail of the truth behind the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB) CCEW & RCSSPV - Tridentine.

Its Most Illustrious & Most Reverend Lord Bishops and it's continuous successors. Who are in a pure unbroken Roman Catholic Vatican One Apostolic Succession from the Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa through the hands of the 4th Bishop consecrated by the Roman Vatican One bishop. 

The Church has received a Papal Apostolic blessing to the primus as President from then His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II as can be seen within and a further papal blessing from His Holiness Pope Francis I, celebrating the Anniversary of Ordination of the Superior General.

Roman Catholic Vatican One Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa was the first Patriarch of Brazil of Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church and he held Vatican One pure unbroken Apostolic Succession from 3 Roman Catholic Bishops being Principal consecrator His Eminence, Cardinal Sebastao Leme da Silveira Cintra assisted by His Excellency, Bishop Alberto Jose Goncalves & His Excellency, Bishop Benedito Paulo Alves de Souza with Vatican One Popes of Rome within the pure unbroken apostolic lineage. 

The apostolic lineage has been passed on to Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and thus the bishops that he consecrates. Within by clicking within the highlighted words you will see the difference of Consecrated Vatican I Bishop and the new Vatican II Ordained Bishops.

Many reports over the years especially from some Roman Catholic Vatican II Bishops claim Archbishop Duarte Costa was excommunicated by the Catholic Church this is untrue as you can see from the newspaper correction within their is no record anywhere within the Vatican Archives of the Catholic Church actually excommunicating him when the Roman Catholic Newspapers insisted that the Vatican show proof of such an act. However, this does not mean that an individual bishop may not have used his own right to excommunicate him as was the trend in that time period.

Their is also false reports from the Spanish Catholic Church of Rome who states that Bishop Castillo Mendez was never ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest prior to being consecrated bishop by Archbishop Duarte Costa this is also untrue. see Newspaper report.


Important Information: Although ICAB was founded by the 4th Catholic bishop consecrated by Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa in May 1948.  CCEW & RCSSPV  is regulated by the canons and constitution approved by Most Reverend Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. His Holiness the Patriarch of Brazil and the United Kingdom as Autonomous . It also incorporates SSJPII.

Archbishop Neville Anderson & Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake was both consecrated Catholic Bishops by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez who was consecrated on the 3rd May 1948 by the Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa of Vatican I. Their are different co-consecrators take a look at the unique Apostolic lineage.


CCEW & RCSSPV is a vibrant, faith-filled Catholic Church that came to United Kingdom and Commonwealth from Brazil in 2005.

For the past years,  CCEW / RCSSPV members have sought to proclaim and authentically live the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of God's people. We are Catholic, sharing our history and traditions with other Catholic communities, but are not part of the Roman Church Vatican II, or other old Catholic churches other than united by Apostolic Succession.

All who come in good faith are welcome to receive the sacraments of the Church. Persons are never excluded or made to feel unwelcome.

You a welcoming and inclusive spiritual home, if you:

•have been denied communion because of divorce and remarriage

•have been shunned, ignored, or ill-treated by your local catholic church

•find your political beliefs in conflict with your church

•are looking for a church whose members reach out to and serve those less fortunate

Bound by Christ's love, members of CCEW /  RCSSPV support one another by:

•Emphasizing the positive aspects of faith

•Approaching one another in openness

•Holding beliefs annunciated in the Apostle's and Nicene Creed.

Fr Gregory Hesse STD. JCD. Ordained in 1981 in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, appointed theologian by the Holy Father, John Paul II.  He has his Doctorate from the Pontifical University in Rome in theology and canon law.  Fr. Hesse spent 15 years in Rome and was the secretary for Cardinal Stickler for 2 years.

Canon Gregory Hesse was ordained by His Eminence, Cardinal Marella who was Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, Archpriest of the Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano {Saint Peter Basilica} in St. Peter's Basilica in 1981, and worked as a secretary to His Eminence Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler Cardinal-Deacon of San Giorgio in Velabro, Librarian of the Vatican Library in the Vatican for several years.

Fr Hesse was canonically on good terms with Rome himself and he began a loose affiliation with the Society of St. Pius X founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. He often was dressed as a Monsignor according to a privilege allowed by Pope Urban VIII bestowed on all priests ordained in St. Peter's Basilica. He confirms that as long as certain matters such as Intent, Matter and Form is in tact their can not be any claim of invalidity see his video. 

The same information has also been echoed by:

EXARCH. Milan Kucera. LL.D. Ph.D. Who has studied both Mundane law and Catholic Canon Law (both Roman Catholic Canon Law and the Code of Canons of Oriental Churches) at Charles University in Prague (established in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV) He graduated with a Master's degree in 2007. He later achieved a Ph.D. in European Studies. A former Roman Catholic Church Vatican two Novitiate of the Dominican Friary in Prague who informed Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake that after 8 months of his study and research in to Archbishop David Bells Holy Orders that Archbishop Bell is without any doubt not only a Christian Bishop but a Catholic Bishop see his facts and credentials.

Bishop Mario Renato Cornejo Radavero former Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Lima of the Roman Catholic Vatican II Church now Titular Bishop of Sanavus. Canon Lawyer trained at Pontifical Lateran University. Licenced in Theology at Lima University, Peru former Secretary to His Eminence Cardinal Juan Landázuri Ricketts has also confirmed the unbroken Apostolic line of Bishop Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez to Archbishop David Bell as being an unbroken Apostolic valid line in pure Roman Catholic Apostolic Succession from Vatican I.

The validity of the sacrament's dispensed by the Archbishop of Stoke-on-Trent as a successor from the Roman Vatican One Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa supported by well known Roman Catholic Vatican II Theologians and Canon Lawyers. 

His Holiness Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez consecrated Archbishop Bell with 2 fellow bishops. His Holiness. Patriarch Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez  was consecrated by Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa and the two assisting bishop's who have valid lineage from Archbishop Duarte Costa via. Bishop Salameo Ferraz and Bishop Pedro Silva.

Bishop Salameo Ferraz was consecrated in August 1945 by Archbishop Duarte Costa for ICAB. Bishop Ferraz was taken back in to the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II as a valid Bishop without being re-consecrated in the new Pope Paul VI Rite. Photo above is Archbishop John Carroll with H.E. Cardinal Bertone.

We want you for yourselves to read through this website and to decide for yourself. Including the differences of the 1917 and 1983 Canon law, the penalty’s and their differences and any new legislation that the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II implemented for their own clergy and that it has no effect in any other Catholic Church.


The Photograph's below and within change frequently some of them on other web pages have been taken by the official Vatican Photographer  click on this line to see evidence of the Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake, His Excellency,  Archbishop & Superior General / President of CCEW & RCSSPV with then His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI then the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican Two, Patriarch of the West at St Peters Basilica, Rome..
There has been several years of private talks and meetings with various Vatican Curia between Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and some of his curia. This CCEW is no longer a part of ICAB new regime under Bishop Josivaldo Perreira de Oliveirain Brazil as of 2009.
This CCEW was founded as Autonomous by His Holiness Patriarch Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez in 2004 adhering to Catholic Tradition Rites & Rubrics.

Photo's above Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake, Archbishop of Stoke-on-Trent, Superior General & Archbishop John Carroll, Archbishop of Swansea "Metropolitan" meeting His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at St Peters Basilica. Rome.

It is the duty of the College of Bishops to govern the CCEW &  RCSSPV in national and inter-society matters and liturgical, doctrinal, and Sacramental matters. The College of Bishops is directed by the Archbishop  & Superior General, the Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake, The College of Bishops acts as the Synod of Bishops of CCEW / RCSSPV when convened at the General Assembly.

The laity of  CCEW & RCSSPV are actively involved in the governance of  RCSSPV at the local, diocesan, and national levels. Shared governance continues at the local level, although financial matters are administered by the laity of the parish.

Representatives of the laity and clergy serve in the committee of delegates, who together with the College of Bishops, governs the church.

For detailed information concerning the College of Bishops and the committee of delegates. See the Code of Canons. for VOCATION ENQUIRIES PLEASE COMPLETE THE ATTACHED PDF APPLICATION FORM IN FULL

Click here to see a description of the bishops' Apostolic Succession and here.

Photo is the Right Reverend Dom. Philip James French. OSB,  Titular Bishop of Lindisfarne during Mass at St Ninians  Traditional Catholic Church.

CCEW & RCSSPV history as an Autocephalous Catholic Tridentine Church begins with the establishment of Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira (The Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil) on July 6, 1945. The Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil was established by the late Roman Bishop Carlos Duarte-Costa in Brazil in the 1930's and 1940's

• CCEW was brought to the United Kingdom & Commonwealth countries by the Most Reverend Dom. David Bell appointed Superior General  and Most Reverend Dom. Neville Anderson, Metropolitan. Who both had been consecrated as bishop's for that purpose from which  CCEW / RCSSPV dates its establishment by Patriarchal Bull / Decree from the late Most Reverend Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, His Holiness, Patriarch of Brazil who was the 4th bishop consecrated by Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa on the 3rd May 1948 under ICAB Canons & Constitutions.

Bishop Duarte-Costa was involuntarily separated from the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church in 1936. This schism was, it should be noted, an act by the Roman Archbishop in Brazil and was not in any way initiated by Roman Bishop Duarte-Costa  upon hearing this Bishop Duarte-Costa immediately established the autocephalous Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira (ICAB) In July1945 for which he led strongly until his death in 1961 as the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian Catholic Church later was led by the 4th Catholic Bishop consecrated by Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa being that of Most Reverend Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez until his death on the 29th October 2009.

After its founding, ICAB attracted inquiries from other Catholic communities who, while wishing to retain the Catholic faith, felt that the governance of the Roman Catholic Church had failed to address the modern world and was not meeting their needs. Archbishop Duarte-Costa, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro worked to establish groups in various countries.

According to the ancient practice of the early Church, and still in practice today by Eastern Orthodox communions, such Catholic Apostolic Churches exist in their countries as autonomous and Particular Churches. 

In addition to ICAB in Brazil, there are sister apostolic branches in several other countries in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, the Pacific and in Asia. While bound by common origin from Bishop Duarte-Costa's apostolic line, each National Catholic Apostolic Church is completely independent and self governing. CCEW / RCSSPV is united as One and not a part of ICAB UNDER Bishop Josivaldo as of October 2009. 

As with all our Christian brothers and sisters, CCEW & RCSPPV, holds the Bishop of Rome, currently Pope Francis and before Pope Benedict XVI, and all the People of God of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican Two in deep fraternal affection and respect.

In this we obey our Master who taught us, "By this shall all people know you are my disciples, when you love one another as I have loved you..."

His Holiness. Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez was in talks for years with His Holiness Pope John Paul II. However, before talks could be finalised in regards to other options and the two catholic church differences; Pope John Paul II passed away.

One who is excommunicated or suspended can excommunicate another.

For such, one has lost neither holy orders nor jurisdiction, since neither is he ordained a new when he is absolved, nor is his jurisdiction renewed. Excommunication requires nothing more than orders or jurisdiction.

CCEW / RCSSPV has been, since its founding, and remains today, such an autocephalous Traditional Catholic Church which has grown entering in to many other countries creating a strong vibrant Catholic Church including; United Kingdom, Australia, Cameroon, Malta. Philippines, France, USA. Benin. Nigeria. Italy. India, Spain. Colombia, New South Wales, Germany, Nigeria, Ecuador, Pakistan, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil.

They are our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we love and honour as children of a common Father in heaven and father on earth: St. Charles of Brazil (Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa).  
From such a history one could reasonably believe that there was and or is great animosity toward the Roman Catholic Church felt by both Archbishop Duarte-Costa and his spiritual children. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The events recorded here are history. They actually happened and they caused much suffering. Nevertheless, the Roman Catholic Church, ancient of days, is one of the foundation stones of the Christian Faith. To hold animosity towards her, her leaders, or her people would be to hold such feelings for Christ, for we are all one in Him.

The Bishop of Rome (i.e., the Pope) occupies a unique position in the Christian world. He can be a voice for peace among peoples, a teacher, a defender of the right and promoter of justice, and a leader. It is to this role that Christ called St. Peter. He did not call Peter to be a monarch, or a head of state, but, like Jesus Himself, to be a servant.

The Church of Rome contributed to the persecution of Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa (St. Charles), and later ICAB and its bishops, is reprehensible and, yet cannot be forever a source of discord. It is worth noting that the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II has placed itself in to Schism with this Traditional Catholic Church and not the other way around.

The power of episcopal consecration results from the power of the character which is INDELIBLE, wherefore, from the very fact that a bishop has the character of order, he can always consecrate, though not always lawfully. It is different with the power of excommunication which results from jurisdiction, for this can be taken away and bound that is all.  i.e. removed from his diocese but nothing else.

He can legally create a new diocese as a bishop. I use the words Episcopal Consecration and not Episcopal Ordination as they are completely two separate things. i.e.  "Consecration" is used in the Catholic Church as the setting apart for the service of God of both persons and objects.

A Christian / Catholic bishop can not interfere with other priests/ bishops and or dioceses that are not under his own jurisdiction / church. That includes Popes and Patriarchs. 

The picture above simply proves this. Two bishops consecrated in the  Catholic Vatican One Apostolic line of Archbishop Duarte Costa and or His Holiness. Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez one being our Superior General / President. Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and the other who he consecrated Bishop Brian Dineley was permitted and vested and mitred to celebrate Mass with Roman Catholic Vatican II bishops at St Peter's Basilica. Rome and it was not the first time over several years.

In the words of His Holiness Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez in 1962 and 2005 ; “Well, we are not of this new religion. We do not accept this new religion. We are of the religion of all time; we are of the Catholic religion. We are not of this 'universal religion' as they call it today-this is not the Catholic religion any more. We are not of this Liberal, Modernist religion which has its own worship, its own priests, its own faith, its own catechisms, its own Bible, the 'ecumenical Bible -these things we do not accept.
We are of our forefathers religion as taught us"
Latin Chant: II. Alleluia - Emitte Spiritum Tuum
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