Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 

Making a Difference in the Lives of Many…
Inspired by the Catholic Charism to Serve Those
Most In Need....

The Personal Episcopal Ordinariate of our St Peter was established in 2010 by His Eminence, Most Reverend Dr. James Atkinson-Wake who appointed Most Reverend Ricardo Rodriguez to lead with and for the Catholic Church of England & Wales to allow Anglicans to enter into the full communion of this Traditional Catholic Church whilst retaining much of their heritage and traditions. 

We exist to promote the unity of all Christians within who adhere to the traditional Mass, and faithfully to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the rich treasures of our traditions.

Anglican Ordinariates / Dioceses are intended to integrate groups of Anglicans into the life of the Catholic Church in such a way as :
“to maintain the liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions of the Anglican Communion within the Catholic Church, as a precious gift nourishing the faith of the members of the Ordinariate and as a treasure to be shared ”.
An ordinariate is part of “the Latin Rite, within the communion of the Catholic Church and professes all that church’s doctrine on faith and morals.”

Ordinariates are sometimes referred to as Anglican Ordinariates, since they preserve Anglican patrimony, ritual culture, and corporate identity.
This term, however, does not  reflect the fact that the clergy members are no longer part of the Anglican Communion , but instead are Catholics of the Roman and Latin Rite.
Anglicans who join the Catholic Church can still choose to not be a part of an ordinariate, but can be part of a Latin diocese or residence.
We are former Anglicans who have entered into and became Catholics with pure Roman Vatican One Lineage.
All members of the Episcopal Diocese of Saint Peter include :
" those faithful, of every category or state of life, who, originally having belonged to the Anglican Communion or Faith, are now seeking communion with the Catholic Churches, or who have received the sacraments of initiation within the jurisdiction of the Episcopal Diocese of St. Peter itself, or who are received into it because they are part of a family belonging to and within the WCCAC,
You are welcome