Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church -UK (ICAB-UK)

          Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 

Exarch. Milan Kucera, LL.M. PH.D. Studied both Mundane law and Catholic Canon Law (both Roman Catholic Canon Law and the Code of Canons of Oriental Churches) at Charles University in Prague (established in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV) He graduated with a Master's degree in 2007. He later achieved a Ph.D. in European Studies. A former Roman Catholic Church Vatican two Novitiate of the Dominican Friary in Prague. He is a EXARCH of the Avlona Synod (officially called the True Orthodox Church of the Patristic Calendar), is in communion with the True Orthodox Church of Russia

He has carefully studied Archbishop James Atkinson-Wakes apostolic succession. As a lawyer trained in canon law, dogmatic theology, moral theology and ecclesiastical history he confirms that he came to an absolutely clear conclusion that Archbishop Atkinson-Wake is;

(a) a validly (though probably illicitly --but even that is a matter of discussion) consecrated bishop.

(b) not just any Christian bishop, but a Catholic bishop,

(c) a bishop consecrated in the pre-Vatican II form,

(d) a bishop consecrated by a Catholic bishop who himself was consecrated in the pre-Vatican II form by a pre-Vatican II bishop.

He confirms that he has zero doubt that when His Excellency Bishops Carlos Duarte Costa consecrated His Excellency Bishop Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, Given the material and formal conditions being duly met, it was an absolutely a valid consecration, and the lack of written (or silent) approval from the Vatican has no impact on that, as was very often the practice in Europe in the first millennium and in the New World even until development of regular means of communication (it is difficult to get an approval for consecrations where there is no mail, no way to travel half around the world, telephone and email were not yet invented).

In turn, Exarch Kucera LL.M. PH.D. states that he has zero doubt when His Excellency Patriarch Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez consecrated Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake, in that he received absolutely a valid episcopal consecration of the Catholic, pre-Vatican II type. That is no small thing. However, nothing is more neat and clear than Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa consecrating Patriarch Castillo Mendez who in turn consecrated Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake.

Of all those claiming apostolic succession, I have yet to find a case with stronger claims to apostolic succession than Archbishop Atkinson-Wake. I have spent the last eight months researching this matter in much depth.

Most bishops from other churches are several times removed from a verified, non-disputable source of Roman Catholic Apostolic Succession, or the question of Vatican-II arises (either the form of consecration or the person of the consecrator. Either the material, the form or the intent are to some extent questionable).

Whoever tries to degrade, denounce or ridicule Archbishop David Bells Apostolic Succession, has little or no knowledge of canon law and ecclesiastical history.

Thus, Archbishop Atkinson-Wake, has the power, and as the Archbishop also the jurisdiction, to lay his hands on men who are the proper material and have the proper intent. and cite the proper rite.

Exarch M Kucera merely re-affirms of what Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake has stated for many years including for what he has written with evidence within his book.

There are many canon lawyers trained in dogmatic theology, moral theology and ecclesiastical history who support and attest to the validity of the sacraments and or consecration of Archbishop Atkinson-Wake Episcopal Orders.

Letter from Dr M Kucera. LL.M. PHD who states the above facts.

There are certain 'bishops' in small groups such as the 'Old Roman Catholic Church ' who fall in to the category raised by Exarch M Kucera above., who have made statements against the validity of Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes orders who quote a self proclaimed document of a convicted paedophile from Rome to him attesting he is linked truly to the See of St Peter. 

A document that does not exist and has never been affirmed by anyone but their own group.

This is because they themselves doubt their own Episcopal Orders  and their is question of their own validity of Holy Orders. and the validity of any sacraments they claim to posses. They themselves presume by attesting against Archbishop Atkinson-Wake's validity, it in some way validates their orders. This is far from the truth!.

Archbishop Neville Anderson was also consecrated sacred bishop by His Holiness Patriarch Lord Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez as you can see in the pictures opposite and therefore Exarch. M Kucera  LL.M. Ph.D. statement also carries for him also in his conclusion .and carries for any bishop consecrated by either of them under Apostolic Mandate.

Archbishop Bell & Archbishop Andersons friendship grew were after a few years Bishop Anderson received consent from His Holiness the Patriarch of Brazil with consent from Archbishop Atkinson-Wake to join the ICAB-UK. Archbishop Atkinson-Wake was granted by H.H. the Patriarch to establish as a 'Sui Juris' a Catholic Church to join and work as one with Archbishop Atkinson-Wake that was almost over 11 years ago!  A few years ago Bishop Anderson was elevated as Archbishop.

Today the Brazilian Catholic Church in the UK grows strong with new priests and a team of assisting bishops promoting the word of the Lord, Peace, Unity and Charity.

Both of the Archbishops work very closely with each other to promote the best interest of the church and the different qualities that each of the two Archbishops have.

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