Founded by decree as a Sui Iuris Catholic Church by His Holiness, Patriarch Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. 


1, On the 16 November 2012 at the Midland Circuit,   Judge Harrop upon examination in a court case with Mr Simon Curtis defendants represented by his barrister was challenging the credibility / validity of Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake as laying claim that he is not a real catholic priest / bishop to Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes Barrister Mr James Leslie of No 5 Chambers. The question of validity was provoked by a letter issued to a third party from the Roman Catholic Vatican Two Bishop of Nottingham, Right Reverend Malcolm McMahon.

The  Judge did painstakingly spend 1 day examining questions of doctrine including Canon Law of Catholic Apostolic Churches;  theology and ecclesiology combining an assessment of history with a full understanding of contemporary and emergent theology and ecumenism including the authority and entitlement of former Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa who was later Catholic Archbishop of the established Brazilian Catholic Church and his successor His Holiness, Patriarch Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez authority and entitlement to consecrate a Bishop James Atkinson-Wake was in conformity with the customs and practices of an ESTABLISHED Christian Church.


The Judge reached the conclusion that James Atkinson-Wake is an Archbishop, in line with canon law of the Catholic Apostolic Churches and is consecrated within an Established Christian Church, its customs and practices.


All barristers involved in the case for the claimant being Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and his Barrister Mr James Leslie of No 5 Chambers and Mr Simon Curtis (Defendant) and his Barrister from Ropewalk Chambers Nottingham were directed by the said Judge Harrop to refer to Mr Atkinson-Wake from henceforth as Archbishop Atkinson-Wake.

He furthermore confirmed, that in the courts and his opinion that the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham may not recognise Archbishop Atkinson-Wake as a Archbishop and others may. However , the Judge then stated that also the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham may or may not also accept the validity of the Archbishop of Canterbury as an Archbishop from the Established Church of England since the schism of 1538.

The court case was adjourned to proceed at a later date being the 10 January 2013 for the main argument of the hearing having covered and ruled on the issues of credibility / validity. However, the case was won by the claimants Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes Barrister Mr James Leslie at No 5 Chambers and the Judge ruled in favour of the claimant.


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A SECULAR Court of law can examine such requests of validity if there is a need to do so but it often prefers not to do so as long as a painstaking examination of questions of doctrine, theology and ecclesiology combining an assessment of history etc. In the case of Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake the argument was far easier, he was consecrated a bishop within the laws of the Catholic Apostolic Churches known as the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church who’s founder was a Roman Catholic Bishop from Vatican One in 1937, ecclesiastical procedure and validity of consecration and as Archbishop Atkinson-Wake was consecrated and appointed and operating with the customs and practices of an established Christian Church the argument was far easier to prove and make as to that of Bishop Blake did and therefore it has now been done so.

**However, many Roman Catholic Bishops, Archbishop's and even Cardinals accept the validity of Archbishop Atkinson-Wake and his fellow bishops married or other wise see letter from the Former Archbishop of Glasgow attached ARCHBISHOP MARIO CONTI LETTER ARCHBISHOP OF GLASGOW ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH

The arguments used by the defendants Barrister:

1, A letter issued by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham which was signed and sealed by the foresaid Roman Catholic Bishop dated 7 November 2011 stating that James Atkinson-Wake is not a Catholic priest or Bishop and in his opinion is a fraudster.

2, On the 22nd March 2013 at the Midland Circuit a further circuit Judge ruled upon validity & credibility of Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake.

On the Friday 22nd March 2013, His Honour Mr Recorder Ross re-confirmed the credibility & validity of Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake Holy Orders after a 5 day court trial, after Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes witness his vicar general the Right Reverend Dr Brian Dineley suddenly passed away to his death on the afternoon of the 21 March 2013 after giving evidence in the trial on the 20 March 2013. The Circuit Judge was challenged under credibility to review that both Archbishop Atkinson-Wake & Bishop Dineley was false Catholic priests / bishops.


During the tribute paid by His Honour the Judge upon learning of the sudden death of Right Reverend Dineley as advised by  Archbishop Atkinson-Wake barrister, the Judge stated “   I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the Right Reverend Dr Brian Dineley and I pass these condolences on to his family and Most Reverend Dom. Atkinson-Wake, there is no stain upon the character or office of the Right Reverend Dr Brian Dineley he was a gentleman who offered to assist the court by giving evidence”

By these fellow words the circuit judge confirmed as ‘de jure & de facto’ the words of District Judge Harrop in an earlier court case examining the on the 16th March 2013 to the credibility & validity of Archbishop Atkinson-Wake. Again the secular courts of England & Wales will examine and speak out to the credibility & validity of Archbishop David Bells holy orders as attested in Ecclesiastical law book written by Mark Hill QC ‘Third edition’ and as stated in a court case in 2003 were the courts refused to decline to confirm validity of holy orders involving Jonathon Blake v’s Associated Newspaper 2003 for which in the secular courts mind there was lacking the presence of an Established Christian Church.

The Brazilian Catholic Church is that said Established Christian Church that Archbishop Bell was consecrated within and to the norms and accustoms of the Catholic Apostolic Canon laws.

Additional Information.

In many current newspaper story's being issued by a few Roman Catholic Bishops, there is only one truth.

Nuncio to Brazil, Giovanni D’Aniellos letter to Cardinal Damasceno dated 8 October 2012 states “the community of Pope Leo XIII and the Brazilian Catholic Church (ICAB) are schismatic and cannot receive OFFICIAL recognitionLa Stampa. Vatican Insider Newspaper Therefore we have to accept that the stance of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II. However, to be a schismatic refers to the fact that schism is a division between people, usually belonging to an religious denomination. The word is most frequently applied to a break of communion between two sections of Christianity that were previously a single body, or to a division within some other religion. Schismatic is a person who creates or incites schism in an organization or who is a member of a splinter group. Schismatic as an adjective means pertaining to a schism to those ideas, policies, etc. that are thought to lead towards or promote schism. Therefore to be schismatic at one stage interpretates that at one time the Brazilian Catholic Church and RCSPLXIII was not in schism before this act.

Therefore, by the latter statement also in the news article released by the Nuncio to Brazil to Cardinal Damasceno states “ Pope Leo XIII community is schismatic and cannot receive Official Recognition” Therefore, by this statement we have to declare that UNOFFICIALLY the community is recognised as valid but Illicit by the Roman Catholic Church Vatican Two ! See the former Nuncio to Great Britain letter who was the Titular Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II. Apostolic Nucio to Great Britain letter.

Being decreed as a schismatic does not place invalidity on the Apostolic Succession transmitted by a former Roman Catholic, Catholic, Christian Bishop. Many Pontiffs of the Roman Catholic Church and even Bishop’s have at some time or another been schismatic.

A further statement issued by the Brazilian Nuncio also clarifies that Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and a few other bishops from the Church / Society were admitted at the end of a general audience with fellow Roman Catholic Bishops Vatican Two and were introduced to the Pope of Rome, Patriarch of the West of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican Two. Obviously, since Pope Benedict XVI received the Most Reverend Dom. James Atkinson-Wake as a fellow bishop he clearly recognised his status as a valid but illicit Catholic bishop (Not necessarily Roman).

Furthermore, Archbishop Atkinson-Wake and a few of his fellow Catholic bishops consecrated by him were personally invited to the Beatification ceremony's of the late Pope John Paul II . Archbishop Atkinson-Wake  & Bishop Brian Dineley was invited and joined in a smaller celebration the following day at St Peters Basilica with approx. 60 other bishops of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican Two.

They was vested and were permitted to concelebrate the Thanksgiving Mass offered by His Eminence Cardinal Bertone & His Eminence, Cardinal Diswiz .

Brazilian Supreme Court historical website

After establishing the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB ). Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa continued to use the same vestments, insignia, and rites as he had in the Roman Catholic Church as a Roman Catholic Bishop. This provoked the Cardinal of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to appeal to the Minister of Justice and the President himself using their power and positions to obtain an injunction against both Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa and his new church ICAB.

On September 27, 1948, the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Churches (ICAB)  were closed by the courts, on the grounds that they were deceiving the public into thinking they were Roman Catholic Churches and clergy. Archbishop Duarte Costa quickly filed an appeal, and in 1949 the Supreme Court ruled that the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church ( ICAB) could re-open its doors, on condition that the church use a modified liturgy and its clergy wear grey cassocks, to minimize the potential for confusion with Roman Catholics. See copy of Supreme Court extract in PDF here and it can also been seen at: Supremo Tribunal Federal

 Supreme Federal Court in Brasilia. Brazil.

Actual Translation in to English. Freedom of religious worship - MS 1114

Filed on behalf of DOM. Carlos Duarte Costa, founder and Chief Bishop of the Brazilian Catholic Church in Rio de Janeiro, former Bishop of Maura's Roman Catholic Church in order to be guaranteed you and the members of his church to the free exercise of their religious worship in public places and temples, as well as in school activities maintained by the Association Girl Madonna once stopped by police, characterizing this fact, in alleged violation of clear legal right guaranteed by the Constitution, namely freedom of worship religious. In view of the opinion of the Consultant General's Office, approved by the President, was banned the worship of the Brazilian Catholic Church in public places, by those authorities consider there own worship of this church and its practices cause confusion religious vestments, and insignia with the existing external solemnities of the Roman Catholic Church, constituting an imitation there of, thus violating the freedom of the latter church, which should be avoided for the sake of public order.

Rapporteur: Minister Lafayette de Andrada.

Date of Judgment: 17/11/1949.

Decision: Dismissal, 1 vote against.

Publication of the judgment: Archive Judicial Review, vol. CI/6-15, (Jan. to mar/1952).

Message from the Superior General of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church in UK.

  1. In 1945 the Roman Catholic Church bullied and tortured the former Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa were in theBrasilia Supreme Court Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa won his case against the Roman Catholic Church new Archbishop of Rio against closure of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church. It was permitted to be re-opened by the Supreme Court. The Roman Catholic Church and Archbishop was furious.

Further more the Roman Catholic Archbishop in Venezuela tortured with hot irons in the mid 1940's then Bishop Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez to denounce his faith being the true Catholic Faith. He refused to denounce and succeeded Archbishop Duarte Costa as the Patriarch of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.

I have it on good authority also that there has been various attempts in several other countries were the Roman Catholic Church has taken action against Catholic Bishop's from the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church. Each time the courts of law in that respective country has ruled against the Roman Catholic Church which itself is in Schism see chart above in the earlier centuries. It is trying to wipe out all traces in England the phrase Roman Catholic to claim supremacy as the Catholic Church. All churches in valid apostolic succession is a part of the Catholic Church not just the Roman Catholic Church. Many Roman Catholic bishops need to stop misleading and lieing to the faithful. Speak the truth for once in your life and remember you have to be a good liar in order not to be caught out. Practice what the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church talks about RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. You only complain to your Patriarch when we Catholic Churches stand firm. We will always stand firm.

Why does various Roman Catholic Bishop's do this ? Why do they lie about your validity & sacraments even when canon law is against them. 

Its simple, you either tow the line with the Patriarch of the West of Roman Catholic Church or they lie to force you to do so. Interesting that the Brazilian & Orthodox Churches refuse to do this and resist.  When their has been a court case ruled on such matters of credibility / validity we have to remember these courts of law are not under the influence or corruption of the Roman Catholic Church when making such statements as to credibility / validity. Who do and should we believe ? The Roman Catholic Church Bishop's or the Independent Judicial Courts after examining, Doctrine, Theology, History, Ecclesiology, Canon law of Catholic Apostolic Churches and Documents.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church in Brazil has an estimated 15 Million faithful the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church. Around the world has a estimated total of 30 Million faithful.

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